Great Horned Owls

The Great Horned Owl is a large owl that hunts at night. They are about 70 cm tall with a 160cm wing span. The males and females are very similar in appearance, with the females being slightly larger. They lay their eggs in January through February, often in hollow areas found in trees or abandoned nests. In 35 days, hatchlings will appear.

PKOLS – Mount Douglas is a nesting ground for Great Horned Owls, making it essential to stay on trails within PKOLS – Mount Douglas conservancy.

This March a Great Horned Owls couple found the perfect wildlife tree for their nest, and three little owlets emerged. Often owlets will attempt to fly before their flight feathers are fully developed, resulting in a somewhat graceful soft landing on the ground. With all the off-leash and off-trail dogs in the area, Saanich staff erected a protective fence. If you see one on the ground; mama will continue to care for the young one who might climb back up its nesting tree.


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