Heating Tank Spill in Douglas Creek Watershed

Unfortunately, there has been a heating tank oil spill near Tyndall Sports Field, which is part of the Douglas Creek watershed. Saanich crews are aware and have responded by placing oil booms within the surrounding storm drain system and at the weir pond at Douglas Creek. The spilled oil will remain in the pipes until there is enough rainfall in the region to flush out the storm drains. At that time, you may see an oil slick in the weir pond at Douglas Creek.

Although the weir is designed to hold and trap pollutants that would otherwise make their way downstream, high levels of stormwater runoff frequently overflow the weir, sending the pollutants downstream regardless. A photo series from October 2011 documenting this exact scenario following a previous oil spill is available on our website:

Oil spills, regardless of the time of year, pose a significant threat to the health of Douglas Creek. In winter, there is heightened concern about the contamination of this critical habitat and the potential risk to the survival of incubating salmonid eggs.
We will update with further information if/when it becomes available.

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