All ecosystems in PKOLS – Mount Douglas are considered ecosystems at risk to protect these fragile systems; trails have been designated in the map below. Please stay on these trails at all times.

PKOLS – Mount Douglas Conservancy – Trail Maps

If you find these maps useful, please support our society working to preserve PKOLS – Mount Douglas by becoming a member.

GPS Enabled Trail Map

The GPS-enabled map can be loaded onto smartphones (Android or iPhone) using the free “PDF Maps.” Note: This app does NOT use cell data!

  1. First, download the free app from the Android or iPhone Apps Store.
  2. Once the app is opened, click on ‘maps’ then the “+” to add a new map, then copy and paste the following link into the URL entry.  (Hint: on smartphones, instead of tapping the above link, hold your finger on the link to bring up a popup menu that allows copying the link URL, which you can then paste into the “From the web” URL).