Educational Materials

Welcome to our educational materials page, which offers resources and activities for students and park visitors of all ages. We encourage reproduction and distribution for educational, non-commercial use with proper attribution and approval for any modifications.

Use the following files to enhance your time spent in PKOLS – Mount Douglas and deepen your understanding and appreciation of its unique natural features and protected ecosystems.

Ground Nesting Species Poster
Native Plants Poster
Mosses of PKOLS Poster
Mosses of PKOLS Printout

Overview: Ecological Communities of PKOLS-Mount Douglas
Douglas Creek Watershed Information Sheet
Douglas Creek Watershed Map

Nature Sensory Exercise
PKOLS – Mount Douglas Crossword Puzzle | Answer Key HERE
PKOLS – Mount Douglas Word Search | Answer Key HERE
Salmon Anatomy Word Scramble | Answer Key HERE
PKOLS – Mount Douglas Scavenger Hunt (For all ages!)