Endangered Ecosystems

All ecosystems in PKOLS-Mount Douglas are considered at risk of being lost (extirpated, endangered, or threatened). The BC Conservation Data Center has designated all PKOLS – Mount Douglas ecosystems as either red-listed or blue-listed ecosystems based on the Provincial Conservation Status Ranking.

PKOLS-Mount Douglas is the most significant protected Coastal Douglas Fir Forest in Saanich.

Learn how Saanich volunteers help steward the endangered coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem on South Vancouver Island.

District of Saanich Natural Areas Management Guideline

The vision for environmental integrity in the 2008 Saanich Official Community Plan (OCP), known as “Sustainable Saanich,” states: “Saanich is a model steward working diligently to improve and balance the natural and built environments. Saanich restores and protects air, land, and water quality, the biodiversity of existing natural areas and eco-systems, the network of natural areas and open spaces, and urban forests.” It goes on to say that to look after the natural environment “…requires awareness, cooperation, innovation, and action.”

The following passages are from the District of Saanich’s Nature Areas Management Guidelines:

“While use of the parks will undoubtedly increase as the region grows, the rare and valuable natural resources within the park natural areas must be protected.”

“Our use and access management goals are to meet the legitimate, appropriate and authorized recreational demands of park users while protecting areas of high or medium ecological integrity, and to educate park users regarding respect for park natural areas.”

“It is important that we gain sufficient knowledge of the vegetation and wildlife makeup with our park’s natural areas. This will include inventory, mapping and monitoring of the ecosystems. As we move forward, we will integrate more active management in dealing with degraded sites and in protecting native plant communities and habitat.”